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Default Re: TEAM USA VS. Turkey Basketball

Kobe's defensive focus is going to help, but the American's haven't (in the past) adjusted to FIBA rules and play stye very well. When's the last time they won a Gold medal? Think about how many NBA players have played for us. Yes, there are a few players on the various European team, but the rest of those guys are people who know which role to play.

That's what the American team needs. A couple of Superstars alone won't win you the game. We have struggled to beat the zone and struggled with defending the Pick and Roll.

Right now, I've seen some weak teams that could hang with us for a quarter or so...and make an occasional push to play, but haven't been deep enough to keep up. Spain, Greece and a few other teams are much deeper and will give us much bigger fits than some of these JV teams have been.
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