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Default Re: Notes from Saturday's practice

Last scrimmage:

Play #1: Parker runs left, Marvel and Essex open a nice hole for a 8-10 yard gain. If Essex is the worst weíre gonna see at the left guard spot, Iím not going to complain. And, hopefully Kemo is even better.

Play #2: Carey Davis swings out of the backfield and gets 7 yards in front of Timmons who gives him a shot on the sideline. Sometimes I get the sense that Timmons would rather be off somewhere beating the crap out of someone than playing football. Not sure if thatís good or bad just yet, but I put the over/under on his personal fouls this year at 5.

Play #3: Gay and Mason have a blown coverage and Ward smokes by. Wide open down the left sideline. Batch hits him in stride. Touchdown.

Play #4: Parker sweeps right. Starks gets the kick out on Frazier and Stapleton, who is really playing well, hooks Eason, and Parker skitters through for 8-10.

Play #5: Paxson stunts inside and is alone in the backfield with Mendenhall. Mendenhall jukes out, then cuts back behind him through the hole. That was one of those jukes where the back puts on the fake and the whole field seems to tilt to one side.

Play #6: Arnold Harrison sniffs out a screen to Russel, Lentz did not sell it well. 5 yard loss.

Play #7: Starks and Boyd open a nice hole on the right side and Vincent scoots through. Sweed gets a nice downfield block on the corner (a block where you could hear the pads smack and everything) to help extend the play.

Play #8: Wide receiver screen to Seed on the left. Dixon throws it way high and behind, but Sweed gets a couple feet in the air and pulls it down. Arnold Harrison slices through the wall (poor wall) and has a bead on Sweed who spins out and gets a yard or two more.

Play #9: Colon does a great job of chipping on one rusher, then picking up the late blitz. Baker beats Deshea on a deep post and Dixon abosolutely ZIPS it in there. What an arm. Based on that throw, a thirty-five yard rope, Iíd say Dixon might have the strongest arm out of all our QBís. Reminds me a LOT of Joe Gilliam.

Play #10: Handoff to Justin Vincent inside, Farrior beats Legursky like a drum and blows up the play in the backfield.

Play #11: Potts hits Latsko in stride on a swing pass (does this guy throw any other kind of pass?), but Silverback is right there to stuff it at the line.

Play #12: Russel with a nice strong run to the right, canít see who opened the hole.
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