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Default Re: Notes from Saturday's practice

Then Aaron Smith hits the thing, and I realize how far the others have to go. Thereís a loud pop and the steel on the sled really rattles, rather than there being a slap and some noise. Nice to see Smith back, but itís not a good sign for the other ends.

well, comparing them to smith is kinda unfair. the man's amazing

McBean looks to be hitting the thing second best out of the ends to Smith. Heís hitting it a little harder than Keisel. I like Keisel, but it looks like he may have some competition down the road soon.

Kyle Clement does a great job of holding the point of attack. Even Aaron Smith didnít do it any better.
Play #6: Kyle Clement spanks Matt Lentz and stuffs a play before it can get started. Just overpowered him with great leverage under his pads and threw him off to the side.
things looking good so far for the young D linemen. clement and mcbean would be nice to have as backups. keep us updated on their progress

In the distance, the OLBís are going through their tackling drills, hitting the tackling sled. Bruce Davis is really, really powerful, hits the sled like a truck.
sometimes I hear he's too weak, sometimes he's powerful. interesting....Maybe he is improving fast

Thanks for doing this vrabinec
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