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Default Quick report on Sunday's practice, and a picture for HTG

It was a long day. We left the house at 8:30AM and got home around 11:30PM. I burned of about 10 GIGABYTES of pictures; I have some editing to do! It was a great day.

1) FWP looks fine and ready to go.
2) Sweed is HUGE compared to the other receivers; and he looks pretty damn good, too.
3) Nate Washinton has about .001% body fat. The guy is RIPPED.
4) Ryan Clark was by far the nicest, most personable player there. He spent 45 minutes BEFORE practice signing autographs and talking with fans, and then 45 minutes after practice, too. And he genuinely enjoyed doing it.
5) Mendenhall looks like a 3/4 scale tank.
6) Hampton is HUGE. like, unathletic huge. My guess is that he is about 400-425. He was waddling.
7) HTG, I took my time and worked to get into good position to get this shot; I got it for you, my friend. Enjoy!

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