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Default Re: NCAA Football 09

Originally Posted by Dino 5 Rings View Post
How is the game though? I mean is it that much better than last years? I usually only buy either the Madden or College each season, one or the other not both. I have College from 08 and Madden 07 (Steelers after winning the SB are awesome!) and was going to get the Madden 09 this season, but want to know if there are major changes in the NCAA game.

First, can you really build home field advantage by winning home games. Cause I played with PITT in the NCAA 08 and after 4 seasons of being undefeated I still didn't crack the top 20 toughest places to play at Heinz Field.

Do they empty the stadium when you crush someone on their home field? The 06 version had this, when you stomped someone in their house, their stadium emptied by the 4th quarter.

Is there any throwback uniforms or ways to change uniforms for standard teams?

Are their new highlights and new sayings from the announcers or is it the same stuff over and over again.

Anyone who has this game, I have the Xbox 360 btw, please let me know or post what you like or dislike about the game and what changes you've seen that make improvement.
It is a lot better than last years, and after playing the madden demo, im jus gonna hold on to the money for NHL 09. in-game gameplay is so much better.

You can build up the homefield advantage as it seems to update week to week in your dynasty, but unless you are the away team u dont really notice the advantage (hard to see the plays, quarterback gets 'cold' easier stuff like that). From what i have noticed the crowd doesnt empty in blowouts though.

they do have alternate jerseys now, Oregon has at least four total in the game, they have Pitt's gold jerseys but nothing in terms of 'throwback' yet (other than Notre Dames Green jerseys)

All in all in my opinion i would suggest NCAA 09 over Madden 09. from what i have seen from the demo it isnt gonna be worth dishing out the money for it when i would probably jus toss it aside when NHL 09 comes out

this is just me talking but the only team i can stand playing as in Madden is the Steelers and i always feel like if i lose as them i may jynx them for that game so id rather jus watch them play than play as them. College im not a die-hard of any1 team but i follow a lot of teams (Notre Dame and Hawaii being on the top though)

oh ya, im not sure about the commentating, i usually have music playing so i dont really hear anything, but you can save and upload your highlights onto the easportsworld website. its something they are adding to all new EA games. i like it, its another way to brag to all of your friends other than jus beating them playing
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