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Default Anthony Smith takes shot on ward

Was watching FSN pittsburgh Stan Savrans show from camp. It appears that Smtih laid Ward out in the 7 on 7 session this afternoon. Eyebrows were raised and there was a short interview with Ward...

"your surprised about it. Like I said normally I don't get hit like that until the pre-season game but like I said it is what it is I'm not going to sit there and harp about it, move on and continue to get better."

The report asked if he talked about it to Smith Ward's reply,

"I'll talk to him about it, well talk about it."

Non the less Ward did not look happy. They also commented that Smith has a history of hitting his own teammates like that at practice. Stan then said " it would be much better if he hit other players like that rather than chasing them down from behind into the end zone."

Time to grow up Anthony, you had your chance last year and you blew it, or should we say you were the one that was blown up.....Tom Terrific Brady schooled Smith but good. I guess that thorn is still wedged in his ass but good.
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