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Default Re: Steelers Smash Browns 24-0! [Browns fans beware!]

Originally Posted by Dino 5 Rings View Post KNOW that do you? really? How is that? Would that be because you have such a freaking juggernaunt that we'll be shaking in our boots and allow you to walk down the field and score at will? Maybe we should just pencil you in for 21 points now.

by the way, wasn't there a 41-0 beat down of the Browns a couple years ago? Did you KNOW then that we wouldn't shut you out too? I mean you did score in the 34-7 drubbing you took opening day last year, but you KNOW for sure you'll score? Yeah, you got 28 on us in game 2 last year, too bad we scored 31 huh.

You should focus on scoring on the Cowboys and covering Felix Jones on punt returns when the Boys hold you to 3 and out over and over again.
seriously? calm down. YES, i'm certain the Browns will score, since they weren't held to 0 points at all last year. i'm not certain if it'll be enough to win the game, but they will score. most sports fans would follow this logic.... an eighth ranked offense has the ability to score points.

you must have me mistaken for some fan who doesn't pay attention to the game. you obviously didn't pay attention to my post, cause nothing was implied that our team would have your defense "shaking in their boots".

by the way, I watched the Browns beat the Steelers 51-0 if you want to invoke games of yesteryear. I don't think that will happen this year for either of our teams... they're going to be hard fought games.
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