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Default Re: The Coaches Poll

That sugar bowl game between UGA and Moutianeers was a great game. We lost 38-35, but we came back and it made it interesting. by no means was i dissappointed. You guys act like losing 2 SEC games is the end of the world. If you all can not apprecaite the competition in greatest college football conference its your loss. We down south have learned to repect our oppenents, regardless of the teams records going north to play at neyland stadium in front of 102,000 folks is not easy, go south to auburn on the plains, or helleven south carolina. As LSU and Florida have clearly demostrated a conference loss or even two conference losses the SEC will stil whip the so called cream of the big ten. The tough competition on weekly basis makes the championship game a lot easier. Where as OSU is playing the best team they have played all year long, the LSU tigers last year where already battle tested and it showed. I like fierce compitetion, we start the season with 3 teams in top 6. You have what 3 in the top 20. Do you all even play football up north? hehe

"Crazy Huh? Check your "dawg" history and then get back to me ok. "

"2002, Georgia starts off the season 8-0, then CHOKES to Florida, Florida lost 5 games that year"

In the 2002 season we won the damn Sugar Bowl - thats like saying going to the Rose Bowl and winning was a really *hity season
Sugar Bowl - we beat Florida State

"2003, 3 losses, 2 to LSU and one to Florida"
Good thing we lost those games to LSU becasue we whipped the Big 10 runner up Purdue.

"2004, start 4 -0, CHOKE to Tennessee, then lose again to Auburn, finish with 2 losses. Typical Georgia Style"
Typical Choke season by a SEC team we finish up the year beating the Big 10 runner up agian - Wisconsin

2005, start 7-0, then CHOKE two in a row to Florida and Auburn and get punched in the face in a bowl vs West Virginia.
We lost to a very good WV team - Unlike the Big 10 the Big East can win a bowl game vs UGA

2006, start 5-0, hype starts again, about Georgia and then, CHOKE at Tennessee, and then...Vandy? finish 9-4, typical Georgia. typical 9-4 season with a true freshman starting at QB, new offensive line. I take it anyday of the week. Even we have to reload on an occasion
We lost to Cutler at vandy. hey LSU lost to kentucky last year and still whipped OSU.
Although we bounce back and finish strong with a WIN vs Vatech in the bowl game.

2007, lose to South Carolina, and then get kicked in the throat by...Tennessee again! then have a joke bowl against Hawaii.
Hey we do not get a free pass to the BSC title game every year like OSU without beating a team in the top 15.
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