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Default Re: Wednesday's practice notes

First scrimmage:

Play #3 (missed the first 2) I see the end of a play where we had some sort of secondary breakdown, and Ben hits Ward deep for a touchdown.

Play #4: Receivers are covered, Washington canít shake loose of Gay, Ben scrambles to his left and tries to hit him anyway but the pass is too low and wide left.

Play #5: Ben hits Washington on a 10 yard slant in front of Mundy.

Play #6: Baker fakes outside and beats McFadden on a 7 yard slant, Batch hits him in the numbers.

Play #7: Stapleton stuffs Martavius Price on the bull rush, and Batch hits Bloom on a crossing pattern out of the slot.

Play #8: Starks stuffs Martavius Prince, again on the bull rush. Baker is open over the middle, but Batch throws it way behind him and Patrick Bailey drops the interception.

Play #9: Tony Hills does a nice job blocking Price. Batch hits #13 in stride on a crossing pattern and #13 drops the ball.

Play #10: Batch drops back to pass and doesnít see anyone open. Sweed is three yards behind Anthony Smith, trying to get Batchís attention, but Batch takes off to the right and runs out of bounds. Looks like Smith is still letting people get behind him. If thatís the QB and top receiver of the Patriots, Colts, Bengals, Browns, Texans, Cowboys, or Giants, 9 or our games this year, itís a certain touchdown.

Play #11: Timmons beats Hills like a drum on the backside blitz and is in Pottsí face before he can see Baker breaking open over the middle.

Play #12: Farrior comes on the inside blitz and is in as Potts throws into triple coverage on Baker. Incomplete. Bad decision.

They practice kickoff returns. Reed kicks it 3 yards deep in the end zone (donít get excited, thereís a tail wind and itís a lot easier with practice balls that are scuffed and soft) Mendenhall is back to take the kick. Interesting. Usually, when Cowher used to want to toughen up a rookie skill position player, heíd have him field kicks and punts for a while. Wonder if Tomlin is doing the same thing here.

Bloom fields a kick and brings it back. I know they arenít going full speed after the return guy, but Bloom puts on a spin move thatís so ridiculously quick it makes me giggle.

Next scrimmage, starting at their own 10:

Play #1: Mendenhall runs left. Clark comes up on the blitz and is in the hole. Marvel rolls Keisel out of the play.

Play #2: Ben hits Miller on a 7 yard crossing pattern.

Play #3: Ben hits Washington for 7 on a comeback at the sideline.

Play #4: Ben hits Miller over the middle again, but Carter comes up and knocks the ball out of Millerís hands before he can tuck it away.

Play #5: Mahan is blatantly holding Hoke (even the coaches call it out), and Willie runs through the hole on the right, but only for 2 yards as the ILBís pile it up. Bring it back.

Play #6: Mendenhall sweeps left but thereís nothing there. Our backup RDE and ROLB are doing a good job of controlling the line, but I canít see who it is because the fat lady and he chubby son in front of me are standing and waddling out of the bleachers, going for a dozen hot dogs no doubt. Mendenhall cuts it all the way back to the other side, and Woods is out of position because he was giving chase, and Humpal is tied up in traffic inside. Big gain.

Play #7: Marvel stuffs Kirschke on the bull rush. Baker beats Gay and Batch hits him on a 10 yard out.

Play #8: Mendenhall sweeps left. Starks is in at left tackle and he rolls Kirschke to open a nice hole. Starks looks much better on the left side than he did on the right.

Play #9: Mendenhall sweeps right and Colon opens a nice hole.

They practice field goals:

Ernster gets the ball down nice and quick, looks like a solid holder. Reed punches a couple through. He doesnít miss a single kick all practice.

They practice the pooch kick, and Moore bobbles one. Iím getting a bit worried about his hands on the kick returns. Thatís the second or third time Iíve seen him bobble the thing.

Reed punches a 48 yarder through.

They line up to try a 53 yarder, but itís a fake. McFadden is the gunner, and heís not fooled at all. Heís right there to make the play.

The special teams coach simulates time picking down by counting down from ten and the snap goes off without a hitch and Reed boots a 38 yarder.

The linemen go off to the center field for the one-on-one pass rush drill. I guess they moved the drill from under the pines by the fans so some loser like me doesnít listen in on the conversations. Silverback loops wide around Marvel. He got around him, but it was a really wide trajectory.

Keisel looks like a little boy running into his father when he goes up against Kemoeatu. I may have been pleased with Essex at left guard, but Kemo is something else.

Mahan does a good job of stopping Hoke. Stood him up.

Simmons stuffs Aaron Smith with perfect form.

Woodley blows right by Colon like he wasnít even there. I must sound like a broken record saying that, but I havenít seen anyone block Woodley one-on-one yet. In the scrimmage, the offense was double teaming him.

Marvel stuffs Keisel, doesnít give an inch.

Kemo stuffs McBean.

Paxson beats Mahan with a nice swim move.

On the near field in the 7 on 7, Holmes toasts Ike on a 15 yard crossing pattern and Ben hits him in the hands.

Woodley beats Colon with a rip move.

Gay is all over Nate Washington on a post, Ben checks down to Moore.

Silverback tries a fake speed rush outside then cuts in, but Starks stuffs him.

Kyle Clement beats Essex with a nice rip move. Clement is starting to get my attention. Donít know much about him, but heís a player.

Hartwig stuffs Hoke who tries a rip move.

Lentz stuffs McBean who tries some move that Iím not sure what it is.

Martavius Price takes a shot and beats Lentz by popping him head on then jamming him to the side.

Starks stuffs Bruce Davis. Davis tried a rip and a pretty decent spin.

Davis takes another shot, tries to rip inside, but Starks swallows him up.

Batch hits Baker on a deep post pattern.

Sweed beats Madison inside and Batch hits him on a 7 yard crossing pattern. Sweed is running much better inside routes than he did in the first practice. He seems to be learning quickly.

Patrick Bailey puts a beautiful swim move on Lentz and beats him inside.

Woodley blows right past Parquet on an inside power move.

Baker beats Deshea on a deep crossing pattern, but Batch misses him.

Bruce Davis beats Hills with a speed rush outside.

Batch look to throw to Bloom, but Deshea has him covered underneath. Batch checks off to Speath and hits him in the hands, but Carter comes up and knocks the ball out of his hands.

Woodley blows by Parquet on the outside speed rush.

Potts hits Speath on a 10 yard slant behind Farrior.

Bruce Davis beats Hills with a nice rip move.

The coach tells them to go again, and this time Davis tries an outside speed rush. Hills does a better job of getting his feet out there to get in position, but heís off balance. Davis could have pulled him over forward but doesnít try and Hills makes the block.

Hartwig stuff Clement on the bull rush.

Dixon hits Baker on a skinny post, beautiful pass. Just wait until you see Dixon in the pre-season game. Yeah, heís gonna screw up at times, but youíll love the passes he hits when heís on the same page as the receiver.

Keisel beats Parquet by punching into him, then yanking his arm down and sliding around.

Silverback blows by Hills on the outside speed rush.

On the near field, Ben hits Ward on a deep crossing pattern. Ward has tucked away the ball and is turning to go back to the line for the next play when Anthony Smith comes up and decks Ward. Iím furious. Now, I know Ward is no angel, but that was nothing short of a sucker punch. Ward stays on the ground for 10 seconds and the coaches immediately pull Smith off the field. The crowd is quite, but they coaches and players are across the field from us and I canít hear anything thatís said, but Tomlin goes over and I see flame coming out of his mouth. Then LeBeau goes to work on Smith. He never raises his head to look at them, he just kneels there. Athletically heís the second best safety on the team after Troy. But this guy has issues between the ears. Iíve been a supporter of his, but Iím losing that battle with myself right now.

Ben hits Miller on a short skinny post down the middle.

Spaeth makes the catch of the day, a one handed over the shoulder grab (left handed none the less) on a deep post pattern to the right. He had a Ĺ step on Timmons and Ben laid it in there perfectly.

Ike has Holmes blanketed on a deep crossing pattern and Ben checks down to Moore.

Clark has Reid covered out of the slot. Ike jams Sweed at the line and doesnít let him get off. Ben checks down to Latsko.
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