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Default Re: Wednesday's practice notes

Last scrimmage:

Play #1: Screen left to Ward. Kemo is out in front and canít find anyone to block. Of course, itís not all his fault as nobody on the defense wants to be the one that takes him on. Kemo finally rolls Foote who was late getting over to the play. Nice 10-15 yard gain.

Play #2: Paker runs off-tackle left, but Clark blows the play up before it gets started. Parker is still not running 100%. I donít know at this point whether heís holding back because itís practice or if he isnít right yet, but had this been the old Willie, he would have gotten the corner on Clark and had a 20 yard run. If he canít turn the corner on Clark, heís gonna have trouble making those long runs weíre used to seeing.

Play #3: Kemo blows Hoke off the line 3 yards, but the ILBís collapse nicely. Moore skips into the line, not sure what he was doing.

Play #4: Hartwig does a nice job of sealing off the left side, and Parker cuts through on the right. Timmons comes over from the back side and keeps it to a 4 yard gain.

Play #5: WR screen to Sweed. Mundy reads it well and comes up to slice through and keep it to a 3 yard gain.

Play #6: Russel runs right, but Timmons beats him into the hole from the back side. No gain.

Play #7: Reid comes back out of the slot and Dixon fakes the reverse left then takes off on a naked bootleg right. Donovan Woods bites on the fake like a Large Mouth Bass on a Minnow, and Dixon sprints around the end for a long gain, maybe even a touchdown. For a rookie, Dixon really has good ball handling skills, sells the fake well.

Play #8: Vincent tries a plunge up the middle, but Humpal slides nicely into the hole and stops it at the line.

Play #9: Bruce Davis blows by the left tackle and is in on Potts before he can throw the ball, Davis bats it back into Pottsí face.

Play #10: Simmons loops around Miller on a short pull to the right, Woodley gets caught on an inside rush and Miller drives him down the line. Moore cuts outside for a long gain.

Play #11: Moore up the middle for a couple yards. It looks like Hartwig is running with the first team line now. Donít know if thatís permanent.

Play #12: Kemo has Hoke blocked, and Russel runs left behind him. But Farrior sniffs it out and comes across from the other side to stuff it at the line.
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