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Default Re: Wednesday's practice notes

Thanks for the notes again Vrabinec. It's a bit disconcerting that two days before a preseason game we're still playing musical chairs at C, LG, and potentially RT. Ah well we still have a month before anything serious.

Is Woodley seriously that good?

Hopefully Kemo continues to step up nicely.

Is Foote still lining up with the first team, or are he and Timmons switching? Is Timmons getting any better on run plays?

If Bruce Davis had to come in and play, do you think he could keep up with the defense? He's showing flashes, but I guess I'm wondering if he's athletically or mentally way behind, at least noticably.

Is Mendenhall still hesitating too much in the backfield? I remember him saying as soon as you saw a hole you had to punch through it, wondering if he's taken that to heart yet.

Thanks again for the awesome reports!
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