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Default Re: My family and cancer

Originally Posted by Mosca View Post
Thanks. She's doing well. Two of my other sisters went down to Florida to be with her (and spell her husband) during the week after surgery. Her prognosis is excellent; the initial diagnosis from the surgeon wasn't very hopeful, but the oncologist scoffed at that and said that she is going to live a long life and die from something else; and her own research tends to agree with the oncologist. she had a double mastectomy, and they took one or two lymph nodes as well. She still has to go through the chemotherapy and radiation, but she is a very strong, well centered woman, and she is certain she made the right decision.

The type of tumor she had does not show up on a mastectomy; it is only detectable through ultrasound.

She asked me to pass along this advice: If your family has a history of cancer, you should NEVER be satisfied when your doctor tells you that a test came back OK. You should INSIST that further tests be made, INSIST that they try to FIND something, rather than try to find nothing. She had always done that, but the last couple times she got lax, she wanted to hear that there was nothing so she accepted the answer.

Folks here are the best. Real life is far more important than differences in political beliefs, far more important than what football team you root for. Thanks, everyone.
I am so relieved to hear that your sister's surgery went well and that the prognosis from her oncologist is so positive! She is a very courageous woman and certainly an inspiration to me.

Unfortunately, I don't know anything about my biological family's history, as I am adopted. Once in a while, the "fear of the unknown" gets the best of me and I get into one of those "I'd rather not know" funks, but I dip into my inner strength reserve, snap myself out of it and get the tests and follow-up I need.

Thank you, Tom, for sharing your thoughts and advice. Your strength and determination to keep up the fight, as well as you and your sister's courage and very obvious love of life, have been a source of tremendous help to me - more than you could ever know!

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