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Default 1978 Steelers & 1979 Steelers best ALL TIME teams PROVEN at!

sportsims dot net

Has the computer simulation engine used by USAToday each year to predict a Super Bowl champion. It's almost always right.

January 1988 Denver is favored to beat Washington. Sim engine predicts Washington to win on the upset, with Doug Williams having a big game. This came true.

January 1989 San Francisco is favored to beat Cincinnati. Game engine says it happens, with Joe Montana leading a last minute drive to win the game. This also came true.

Even when it's been WRONG, it's been right.

January 1991 Bills are slight favorites to beat Giants. Game engine says it was going to be one of the closest Super Bowls ever, and that the Bills would win by kicking a field goal at the end of the game. ALMOST happened.

January 2007, Colts against Bears. Sim had Colts winning, but also actually stated there would be four turnovers in the first quarter. In reality, there were three turnovers in the first quarter, but the first play of the second quarter was a turnover. VERY close to reality.

Last season, while the Pats were favored to beat the Giants, the game engine did say Pats would win, but ALSO said that if the Giants sacked Brady at least 3 times, the Giants won over half the game simmed, and that would be a key for the Giants to win. The Giants, in reality, sacked Brady 5 times.

Why am I saying all of this....

The company sims in a tournament every year, starting a couple of years ago, all of the Super Bowl Champions to determine the best ever.

The first year it was done, the 1978 Steelers defeated the 1985 Bears 22-20 for the first title.

Last year, it was run to include the 2006 Colts.

With the Colts in the equation, the Steelers, once again, defeated the Bears, but it was the 1979 Steelers defeating the 1985 Bears 24-17.

Right before the Super Bowl next year, a new tournament will be simmed, with the 2007 Giants included.

check it out on their home page!

sportsims dot net!
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