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Default Training Camp - 8/12/08

XT and I attended TC today and we definitely were provided with a whale of a practice!

To begin, Big Snack is looking good - he's dropped at least 25 lbs. and has only a chin and a half and one belly now. In all seriousness, he had a good practice and looked more like the Casey Hampton we all know and love.

Ben to Hines and Ben to Santo looked excellent as always! Mendenhall ran well and scored a TD against the first team D at the goal line. The offense was working with the screen passes a lot which is something I believe the Steelers need to incorporate more into their O. Mewelde Moore had a couple of nice runs and I think he is going to be a tremendous asset to our ST's and O when he is used. I also was quite impressed with Gary Russell's performance. I think Najeh might be the odd man out.

Of particular note:

Byron Leftwich looked very good behind center and remarkably comfortable just a few days into his first practices with the Steelers. He has a very strong arm and made some great passes. The only thing I can say negatively about him at this point is that he needs to ease up on the touch a little, as he tends to gun the balls to his receivers a little too hard. Other than that - I was extremely pleased with his performance today and feel he will be an excellent backup to Ben.

Mitch Berger was booting the ball in the ST drills. He has very good hang time and as an experienced vet in the NFL, I see him as the winner of the battle of the punters this season.

Steelers TE's as a whole looked really solid. Don't know how many TE's Arians wants to keep on the roster, but other than the obvious (Heath and Spaeth), Cody Boyd really impressed me with his good hands and Dezmond Sherrod looked pretty strong out there.

The Steelers starting D looked like - well - the Steelers starting D! Keisel and Aaron Smith were clowning it up a bit and they were hilarious!

Chris Kemoeatu is a BIG, BIG man - holy Mother of God! I'd run like a bat out of hell if I had to line up opposite him. Glad he's one of ours - LOL!

What I thought was really cool was the fact that Tomlin was out on that field in his sweatsuit throughout the practice encouraging the guys and took time to evaluate every unit. Nothing against the Chin, as I was as big a Cowher fan as there was out there, but he used to stand under the tent quite a bit at TC and let his coaches run the practices pretty much. Not the Tomlinator - he was involved in every aspect of the practice today.

I liked what I saw from everyone on that field today. Very, very encouraging!

I will have some pics to post as soon as I upload them from my digi-cam.

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