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Default Re: Awfully quiet about Shrub...

a NASCAR driver could be the best in the World.
wow. very bold claim.

speaking of "harping" kyle is gonna need Georgia Pacific or a subsidiary brand like "Bounty" (the quicker picker upper) as a sponsor next year to sop up all the drool dripping offa his nuts.

F-1 and nascar is essentially apples and oranges. no question about it, an F-1 vehicle is a far superior feat of engineering than the cars we root for. however NASCAR is by far the most superior and entertaining series in the world.

"coulda woulda shoulda" dont mean nothing until someone goes out and proves it. kind of a shame jeff and tony were too scared (kinda like obama taking on mccain in 10 townhall meetings) to persue their lifelong dreams, make the leap, and take on the m. schumachers of the world. oh well, theres something to be said about being a big fish in a small pond.

as far as best drivers go, i will always believe NASCAR has the best. as far as all the different vehicles to drive, i will contend that jimmie johnson is the best dirtbike driver, robby gordon the best in baja, and the likes of rusty wallace and mark martin could fly a jet or helicopter around the whole lot of em.
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