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I started my franchise. I had updated the roster and played the first 2 preseason games won both, couldn't find that new punter mitch burger cause he wasn't listed as a free agent. For some reason though when i simed to the regular season it cut paul ernster for some reason. Also it wont split carries between Parker and Mendenhall even though i set it to give them 50/50 in the coaching scheme setting. Thought it was cool how when i signed leftwich it automatically gave him the number 4 ( dunno if that was random or if it somehow knew). Also even though moore is set as the 3rd down back it still has parker in on third downs , the only time moore comes onto the field is if im running a 4 or 5 wide receiver set

Anyways here are my scores so far:

Week 1: vs Texans I won 66-7 . yea i blew them out of the water would have been a shutout if i didn't blow coverage with one of my safeties( and no it wasn't anthony smith )

The madden iq after that game was like 520 something

After that the game adjusted and it seems like every other pass play i throw turns into a interception

Week 2 Browns: I won 17-7

Week 3 Eagles: i lost 5-7. I think i threw like 6 or 7 interceptions this game , one of them i threw the pick and the other team caught it in the endzone and i tackled them for a saftey.
Also ben got a concussion in this game but he threw about half the picks

After that eagles game i got very frustrated and turned the ps3 off for the night.

Also did they get rid of challenging the play cause i cant find how i do it. also when i go to pick play type where are the special teams plays. maybe i wanna kick a 50yd fg and not punt the damn ball. I'm not liking the play selection screen i thought it was better in madden 07(had 08 for the pc but its more like 06 or 07 on the consoles)

Anyone else notice that it wont let you defer selection on the coin toss like the new rule lets you. Also one bug ive found with the ps3 version is if im letting madden recommend plays him and the announcers will be talking at the same time

on a second note there missing a bunch of hall of famers in the game like bradshaw and swann in the hall of fame section.
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