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Default Re: Forbes List of Top College Programs

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
Yeah, and it's gotten worse lately. They cracked down on student tickets (you now have to show ID, since kids were selling their tix), and they just had a huge sweep through the state and busted a bunch of politicians who were getting Bucks tickets gratis. One guy got caught scalping them at a pretty hefty profit, too.

ND is still the worst for that, though. The "one time" donations just keep going up, and are ridiculous.

I like the fact that the Buckeyes spend 71% of their outlay on gameday. It IS quite the spectacle...

I'm coming up to Columbus for the Troy/OSU game on September 20th and I'm really looking forward to it (I've never been to a college game in the North.). Ticket prices are pretty steep though. I paid $62.00 face value for my ticket for that game. By comparison, my Troy/LSU ticket was $45.00.
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