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Default Re: Bucs sign Alvarez, Miller, pass on Scheppers

Originally Posted by Mosca View Post
I like it. This kid has a chance to be really good. Miller was picked up for way below his actual value, and by not signing Scheppers we get the 3rd pick of round 2 next year.

Who knows, the team might actually be good in a couple years. If we don't tradde these guys to the Yankees, that is.
One thing that I have to give Bobby Nutjob credit for is finally increasing the budget for draft picks and scouting this past off-season. He finally realized that you aren't going to get good players if you aren't willing to pay for them. Signing Alvarez is huge, and with the trades they've made, they have added some desperately-needed quality talent to the organization. As for trading them away, the team president has said they intend to keep them in Pirates uniforms, but that remains to be seen. If Bobby Nutjob wants a few million more bucks to put into his mansion, they'll sell them off.
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