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Default Madden 09 league anyone?

Hello everyone! Not sure if anyone has brought this up yet but would Steelers Fever like to start a Madden league? In 09 with the new built in 'league' feature it's a very easy thing to do. I'm just trying to gauge the interest the folks on this board might have in creating one.

You can have a league with as little a 4 teams or as many as the true-to-life 32.

Trades are permitted, although it's pretty much "simple trades" (Player for player)

Flex schedule permits you to play games out of order on the schedule, so if I'm on and someone I face in week 14 is on even though it's only week 1, we can play (This helps for those with busy lives)

Anyway, anyone who is interested please post? I want players committed to actually finishing at least a season. If you're winless by mid-season and would skip out don't even bother responding to this.

Anyway, this just sounded like it could be a fun idea - and we could basically run it and communicate using this thread similar to how the fantasy leagues do.

Anyone interested please post? Thanks! (And sorry if this has been brought up in the Madden 09 discussion thread already, but I didn't see it so lol)
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