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To my fellow SF members, I'm sorry. After taking a day off(finally) I decided to work on this posting thing. I came to the conclusion that you all are closer than I thought. While I still don't agree with changing for change sake, I decided to do a little stat work on the ranks vs. posting. Here is what I found...
We have several regular posters(myself included). I decided to take these 6-10 people into consideration because while not scientific, it is obvious these people check out the site pretty consistantly. You may not need to post, but do you keep coming back and participating? So then out of the ones that keep coming back, the post avg. ranged from our leader(@ .62 per day) up to another member(11.82 per day) which equals 6.6 posts per day. Now what do with this nugget...
Knowing how often one comes to post you can then determine a rank system off of that, In the new system, it seems to be wieghed heavily towards posting everyday. By that I mean that you could put in a season worth of posting only every Sunday(at 6 posts per Sunday) to realize at season end you are just a waterboy. If you post 6.6 times a day here is when you move up in the ranks on the new system:
DP - instant
WB - in 30 days
BW - in 68 days
Starter - in 105 days
TC - in 227 days
Now, the only question I will post in response to the ranks(cause I'll keep posting regardless cause ranks border on that tech edge I don't understand) is do we want our members to have to post 6.6 times a day for almost a year to achieve upper levels? I am concerned for two things. One, if you are like me and only post about every other day, then it takes a year and a half. Two, if you need 6.6 a day it doesn't lead to productive posts. I want our members to not feel pressured into posting to join the all stars or what not. Take some time to put thoughts into your posts. As for a year and a hlf, I am concerned that some decent members, like SGTN7 might get upset and bolt. There contributions, while brief, are huge to our sight.
Regardless of outcome, I am ready to fall into ranks. I just thought we needed some facts to our reasoning. I trust you all can adjust ranks to accomodate a fair # of posts/days ratio for our new rank system. And like BRC said, it IS better to figure it out now, than later.
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