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Default Re: Someone must have really got John Russel Mad

Originally Posted by SteelCityMan786 View Post
Because on Strike 3 Call that not only ejected Adam LaRoche, he blew a fuse and got angry enough to end up getting tossed.

And the Umpires should have listened to him AND LaRoche. The Replay from FSN CLEARLY revealed that the Pitch was WELL OUTSIDE OF THE STRIKE ZONE and LaRoche DID NOT Swing at it.

I hope the MLB forces all umpires(INCLUDING THE MILB ONES!) to go back through schooling and RE-EARN their certifications neccessary to become an umpire in the MLB and MiLB. This season has had the most blown calls by umpires ever.
I had just turned over to FSN and saw that Russell was actually arguing with the umpire...and my jaw dropped. I didn't think he'd ever get mad enough to get himself ejected - he was always so mellow that it was frustrating. It's nice to see that he does have a fire in his gut after all.

I didn't see the pitch in question, but this year ranks among the worst I've ever seen for umpires, especially in terms of calling pitches. None of them have any idea what the strike zone is nor are they consistent. They really do need to go back and learn the strike zone and the league has to do a better job of training umpires at all levels so that they'll have guys who actually have a freaking clue. Having said that, you can't argue balls and strikes, so I can't disagree with either ejection.
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