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Originally Posted by ironcitychef
I can't understand? Nothing changed. The post values changed but every one was edited, sooooo its pointless. If you are going to have a system then keep changing it, why have the system? Its like minimum wage. In economics it doesn't work in the long run(and remember we are thinking of the bigger picture) cause everything adjusts. You raise minimum wage, but then inflation kicks in and everything starts costing more. So yes you earn more an hour, but can buy less. So now, people can post more, and get less recognition. Just a question, do we not want people to reach the higher levels?
Of course we want people to reach the higher levels! The ranking system is designed to recognize the "top posters" of the forums and give them the credit they deserve. With the old system everyone was on top of the food chain! It's not something that will be changed frequently. The current system will be the foundation for the future. Although titles may change, post values will not. Please refer back to my original post in this thread to see the updated structure.
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