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Originally Posted by BigBen2Ward
I dont know dude........I think you are looking to far into this. Who cares about a ranking anyways, It is a nice touch to the site but I am not obsessed with moving up. I just post to topics that interest me and share my 2cents. If someone wants to talk football they will stay.

LOL, what kinda wuss would get discouraged or "feel pressure into posting". Are you serious? It is just for fun........I mean, when you finally reach head coach staus, you are not really the head coach. You are just some loser sitting in front of your computer posting BS 6.6 times a day.

In my opinion, I like the ranking system the way it is. If you are concerned or feel bad for SGTN7........ build her a cake or somethin.
LOL!!! Ok, no I don't need a cake. And no, I'm not going to get upset and bolt. I don't go away that easy :-) I personally don't care about the ranks; I mean, it is fun to see yourself go up in the ranks - but it's not something to take so seriously. I really like this site. The majority of my posts will come during the season (which can't come fast enough LOL) however, whether I'm just reading or actually posting, this is one of my favorite sites to come to.

Anyway, that's about all I have to say too. I also like the ranking system now; I was just laughing because I had gotten demoted. It's all good though!
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