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Default Re: What Are You Listening To Now .... ?

Originally Posted by GutterflowerSteel View Post
I saw them in 1988 *cough cough* on the Monsters of Rock tour (with Kingdom Come - remember them? Dokken, The Scorpions and Van Halen headlining ) At the time, Metallica was writiing and recording And Justice For All while on the road - it was just after Jason joined the band. They kicked A$$ cuz they were still raw, hungry and young lol

NP: Suite: Madame Blue ~ Styx
that was a huge show playing in huge venues with very few dates. (i think about 12). the closest they came to me was denver (9 hr drive). i just so happened to be visiting my dad in colorado springs but missed it by about a week.

speaking of the scorpions, i also catered this video for "under the same sun" out at white sands (which is 9 miles away)-


awesome experience! watch the clouds in the video (which took about 5-6 hours to shoot). it couldnt have been planned more perfectly to set the mood and tempo of the song and story it told. the day started out like it was gonna be sunny with clear skies. the beginning of the video is bright but then it turns ominously darker. it almost looks like effects but it was all natural, even all the wind and sand that was blowing. even the lightning bolt. (lol at the aluminum foil soccer ball)

it was a small set with about 40 people (and a horse). the guys were totally cool. after we served them lunch they had no problems with us sitting down and eating with them. we talked about the weather and the world of difference between the climate and scenery between new mexico and germany.

i got a kick ass picture after the shoot with the band in front of the drums and the guys holding their instruments. klause meine had his arm around my shoulder like we were brothers (he's gotta be only 5 feet tall). being that i was the typical metalhead, i looked like the frontman of the band.

catering is an excellent job. axl rose was a primadonna asshole so i served his 2 bottles of dom chilled in a generic salad bowl and stole his ashtray. my boss was pissed. i got the cheese platter into "faith no more"s room after they got off the set. i asked if they still wanted it and the bassist with the dreads musta thought i was some fanboy cause he asked if i was gonna rub it on his feet. dick. i lookd at the drummer, said "maybe he will", set down the platter and walked out.

that production crew was in the hundereds (lots of people to feed). duff was cool and ate with all the workers, but it was no suprise that metallica were the coolest and most down to earth of the bunch.
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