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Default Re: What Are You Listening To Now .... ?

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
saw em 3 times between 92-93 after they blew up and made it big. i'll tell you what, the best band ive ever seen live. when they play their older stuf they rock it harder than ever.

el paso was their solo tour which was about a 3 and a half hour show. each member took the stage by themself and did about a 15 minute solo. lars on the drums was a FREAK and rivaled anything tommy lee ever did.

james and kirk had a little duel. james got blown away and walked off the stage which led to kirks solo. kirk showed how all those lessons from satriani payed off. he did some very classical stuff. dudes got mad skillz.

newstead ripped it up on the bass and did some funk, blues, jazz and of course thrashed it.

in las cruces was the HUGE summer tour with faith no more and guns in roses. it was the tour where those huge flames you talked about burned james' arm to hell. they had the megadeath guitarist fill in. i catered that show, so got paid to watch it for free. backstage passes and all. ( is set up their room with all the food and alcohol) bumped into kirk carrying his guitar through the skinny hallway. AWESOME! we listened to the final song "greenhell" from behind the stage, and cheered them and told them they f'in rocked as they walked off. each one was like "thanks guys".

albuquerque was with suicidal tendencies, fight, and candlebox. once again metallica stole the show. i would go see them anytime. hugest mosh pit ive ever seen. 5000+ jammed tight to the stage. it got pretty tight and we got the hell out of there (took about 20 minutes to squeeze through. huge pockets of flat out fighting were breaking out everywhere. i thought it was gonna get bad.

im jammin some channel 124 on sirius. pat and tim- moving the chains.
Seen Metallica 7 times since 1986. Nothing tops seeing them at Giants Stadium in 2004 (Summer Sanitarium Tour). They played NO NEW CRAP and the crowd was as loud as I have ever heard them. You could hear every word being sung by the crowd perfectly clear and loud as hell. I think even the band was in awe. It was awesome to be a part of.
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