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Default Re: McCain selects governor Palin as running mate.

Originally Posted by steveironcity View Post
Yeah, she did. From Mayor to Gov. Nice Pick for the Reublicans. The only thing the dems have so far is lack of experence, and its been said here already, its a tough card to play. Obama picks a 65 year old Texbook politician, and Mccain picks a 44 year old Mother of 5 who epitomises conservative. Mccain wins this one
For those who are already in McCain's camp, that may be so. But for the vast majority of undecideds, this is a troubling pick. There are a lot of local women politicians whom I admire, but none whom I would vote for for president. A year and a half as governor of a state with a population of 683,000? As the second in command for a 71 year old man who has had 4 bouts with cancer?

There were many better choices. As an undecided, I question McCain's judgment on this one. For a second in command, I'll trust a textbook politician to hold the reins until the next election over a conservative mother of five, thank you.
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