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Default Re: McCain selects governor Palin as running mate.

Originally Posted by steveironcity View Post
And Deleware has not many people more than Alaska. SO that point is kind moot. She has run a city , and state govenment. Something that Obama, Biden, and even Mccain have never done. Notice at first the Dems tried to attack her as inexperenced, but a few hours later, the changed there stance. From Totally Inexperenced, to Inexperenced on Foregn Affairs. If they want a debate on experence, i say that the Mccain camp should tell them to bring it.
I guess we'll see, then. But I'm not sure that Wasilla (pop 2700) qualifies as a city in most places... it is about 1/3rd the size of... oh, Pleasant Hills. Or, 1/8th as big as Baldwin. Or, 1/6 the size of Scott Twp. How about Eileen Meyers as VP candidate? I didn't think so.

I'm not trying to attack her; I'm trying to analyze it as part of an election strategy, and I don't see how this helps the Republicans. It neutralizes their strongest argument that they had against their opponent, and that doesn't make sense. For anyone who has already decided, it won't change their minds; it won't make Obama's minions go over to McCain, and it won't drive McCain supporters away. But for the undecideds, it certainly won't make any points, at least on the face of it. Sure, Delaware is small, but Biden has been in the Senate for a long time, and has the connections in place. He might not have helped Obama, but he didn't drive away any undecideds, either. In general, the undecideds didn't react with, "Biden? Huh?"

But of course, what's done is done, and we'll see how it plays out.
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