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Whoa! Slow down. First I said I was sorry about my first reaction to the ranks. I remember before when it changed, in a couple days there was crazy posting(50+ in one day by someone). I viewed that as pressure to post. When you post: hey made that rank...:) ...we'll be at head coach in no time, etc. I think it takes away value from the site. I also don't know who reads the boards. So my thought was wow, these names I haven't seen in awhile came back, got demoted, and were upset enough to post something about it. My bad. Guess not too upset so alls okay there. I also don't care personally for my ranking, but I just posted those numbers so you could gage if you "are just some loser sitting in front of your computer posting BS 6.6 times a day." Then maybe that ranking system is/isn't fair for you. Personally, I think if you post 6 times on Sunday for a whole season, seems you should be higher than waterboy. I don't care what choices people make, just want them to be informed choices cause its about making this site as good as possible. Look at the member list at those people who joined then posted a few times and then what? What was missing? I never said I have all the answers, I'm just willing to talk about them. Geesh...relax.
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