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Crushzilla replied to my question in regards to the waiver wire set at 7 days on 1 Aug., and asked you if you had the NFC set at 2 days. May have slipped your mind in re-setting it, but if we in the NFC have to endure 7 days for the waiver wire we'll just have to deal with it.

Re: Attn: SFNFC
Originally Posted by revefsreleets
Yeah, Ryan, we should really set it to like 2 days, or Monday night at midnight...

I'm in a league where we do it manually, via the message board, last place to first, to keep the league balanced...meaning, whoever is in last manually submits their FA requests, then 2nd to last, all the way up to first.

Hmm. I fear the logistics of the latter option may end up being tricky.

It turns out that the waiver period in the AFC is 2 days. Rev, is that what you have?
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