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Default Re: Steelers Vs Browns DVD

Nice to see a fellow nascar fan as well.. Sad to see Rusty go.. I'm a Gordon fan.. (hold back your booes please. :P.. ) I as well have taped some mostly just the daytona 500's though. And the Brickyard 400 from last year.. (gordons 4th win there) .. I usually only make dvds of the steelers games when my friends don't come over and watch it on the ticket.. Which lately has been most games as there to lazy and not big enough fans to come over and watch.. The shortcuts are nice and make a nice smaller download for sure.. I can do this on a regular basis if people will be interested.. Either I can create a Xvid or avi (divx) file and it will be about 600-700mb and only be viewable on your computer (some dvd players support this format) or I can wait till Tuesday when they play the shortcuts and record that and make it into DVD.. usually about 1.4 gb in size.. There's currently 4 people downloading this game so speeds should be fairly decent but we need people to share when there done downloading to make it go faster for others.. I have 50kbs upload so the more the better. Anways. use Bitcomet as i stated in the first post.. download that attachment.. Extract it.. double click it.. and it should start on it's own.. It's just that simple.. Have fun!!
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