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Default Re: My Car

If you have ZERO experience, be careful on any of the 600cc class bikes out today.. they are the most popular class of sportbike, and for good reason. Awesome power and torque for a 600, lightweight, quick, and fast as hell.

I talk to alot of new riders on the bike forums Im on. Many start out on a 500 cc Ninja, or GS500F suzuki, or something similar, 600 Katana, etc. Also if you're new, u may not want to get a brand new bike right off the bat. Simply because even though you study up, pay attention, take your MSF course and ride responsibly... as a new rider, you're going to down somehow, somewhere, at some point. Its just inevitable.. either you drop it in the driveway, garage, or parking lot, or somebody cuts you off, and being a new rider, it can be alittle nerve wracking...

Good luck, ride safe, and we'll have to hook up for a ride boss!
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