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Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
They have a letdown game every year early in the season. I think they were beating Akron 3-2 at the half last year. They run vanilla D and O, show nothing, and barely start playing until the second half.

I HOPE USC watched and enjoyed the game and think the team that took the field today is who they'll play next week. If so they'll get blown out of the Coliseum.

Difference of course being, when they get into a little trouble against mediocre-poor competition at home, they rally and win (cough cough Stanford).
I'll refrain from my typical over the top hyperbole. Well I'm trying.

Sorry but you guys got pushed around. Bring up Stanford all you want but the USC injury report for THAT game read like an NFL draft wish list. USC lost 5 guys on the offensive line and four are pulling NFL paychecks today. But they were delivering the blows against Virginia downfield. This new offensive line was supposed to be our weakness. It's anything but.

Today. The Bobcats (who?) were in your trench like they were pushing teenage girls into the pool.

I'm glad the Buckeyes won today. The Ohio Bobcats almost stole the thunder and if their QB wasn't color blind they would have won. No. Dominated in the trenches.

Tressell is going to throw your boy Pryor into the mix. He has no choice. Otherwise USC is going to kill OSU. And I said bet the house on Friday. Now that Vegas saw what we saw I'm guessing the spread just got really wide.
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