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Default Browns fans with class???

I was raised a Steeler fan from birth, and I live an die Steelers. I have lived almost 24 years on this earth, and I have met tons of Browns fans (I live in Ohio). Very, and I emphasize VERY few of these Browns fans can talk football with class and respect with me. I always love to talk football no matter who your team is, but so many Browns fans have to just tell you "Steelers Suck" and offer nothing else to the conversation.

I do have one friend however, that is a big Browns fan and we can sit down and have an educated football conversation. I know more about the Browns than most fans, being as though my sports radio here is all Cleveland and the fact that I share an office with two Browns fans (Plus i generally follow the NFL religiously).

Well readers, even though a large majority of Browns fans are senseless and ignorant, yelling morons, there is hope! My previously mentioned (Browns fan) friend bought me a ticket to the Steelers/Browns game this weekend for my birthday, and we are going tailgating/playing Madden outside the stadium all day, until gametime!

Props to him for restoring my faith in humanity.

Now I'm just hoping I come out of the stadium alive when we hang a lopsided loss on the Browns!
I'm a Steeler fan because of their tradition, character, and heart. There is no better at these 3.
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