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Default Re: Browns fans with class???

Originally Posted by Kvnfaber View Post
I was raised a Steeler fan from birth, and I live an die Steelers. I have lived almost 24 years on this earth, and I have met tons of Browns fans (I live in Ohio). Very, and I emphasize VERY few of these Browns fans can talk football with class and respect with me. I always love to talk football no matter who your team is, but so many Browns fans have to just tell you "Steelers Suck" and offer nothing else to the conversation.

I do have one friend however, that is a big Browns fan and we can sit down and have an educated football conversation. I know more about the Browns than most fans, being as though my sports radio here is all Cleveland and the fact that I share an office with two Browns fans (Plus i generally follow the NFL religiously).

Well readers, even though a large majority of Browns fans are senseless and ignorant, yelling morons, there is hope! My previously mentioned (Browns fan) friend bought me a ticket to the Steelers/Browns game this weekend for my birthday, and we are going tailgating/playing Madden outside the stadium all day, until gametime!

Props to him for restoring my faith in humanity.

Now I'm just hoping I come out of the stadium alive when we hang a lopsided loss on the Browns!
RIP Buddy, it can get ugly in there. I thought I was going to have to fight my way out of bungleland one time. They are the nastiest fans in the NFL. I remember a Browns fan drunk on his knees outside three rivers once, He laid down so sleep and no one robbed or kicked his butt. The cops took him to sleep it off and he was whole.
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