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Default Re: Ohio State -vs- USC

Florida fans always doubt me when I bring this up...funny...

Andy Geiger, former AD at OSU specifically named Florida as a team that, when OSU was putting together future schedules of home/away ooc games, WOULD NOT ACCEPT THE BUCKEYES OFFER.

I'll find you the article, as I have it either here or at home, but just accept this now: It's a fact. OSU asked, and Florida took a pass.

Edit: Look at OSU"s schedule. Do you really think they didn't ask? Fact is, they asked all the big SEC schools, and they all took a pass. We scheduled Texas, Oklahoma, USC, Cal, VT, Miami and a few others who are escaping my recollection now. Why wouldn't we ask SEC schools? OSU fans WANT these big ooc games, and OSU loves to play them. But SEC schools WON'T travel to the Shoe, and the one's who do, we don't want.
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