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Default Re: Pirates finally getting some national press.

Originally Posted by stlrtruck View Post
Isn't like they did themselves any favor by trading away players either.

And by the time a player gets to be a good fit for the team, they usually push them off to a contender.

You know it's sad when Rays fans are pointing fingers and laughing at you!!!
Dude, the farm system was an absolute mess. No talent anywhere. That's why Nady and Bay had to be dealt for younger players, so they can start rebuilding it. Now that Bobby Nutjob opened his eyes - and his wallet - and put more money into the minor league system, signing good, young players from Latin America and drafting players based on talent rather than signability, they are starting to correct that. In fact, their draft was rated among the best this year. The only question, of course, is what happens if and when they finally reach their potential. Will they simply trade them off or will they keep them? The prez says they'll be kept. We'll see about that.
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