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Default Re: Browns fans with class???

Originally Posted by steelerguy26 View Post
I have yet to met a Browns fan who can tell me who the third string QB is on thier team, let alone match wits with a real football fanatic. But I agree the New England "bandwagon" I mean fans, are the worst.

I can garuntee the 10-12 NE fans I know who have only been Cheatriot fans for the last 6-8 years, will be sporting new Jerseys by week 8 now that Fag boy is hurt and they won't have a Cheatriot logo on them. They will be whatever the new cinderalla team is. Probabley the Jets.

Regardless I have tickets for this weeks game and they reside in the "Dawg Pound" so wish me luck guys cuz I will be sporting black and gold on all fronts.........
Would love to hear about your experience after the game, sitting in the Pound.

I used to go to the old mistake on the lake, and fans were always rude and talked smack but I never fekt threatened. Let us know how you made out in the pound...

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