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Default Sooner or later

Watching the Sooners players confront the Washington Huskies pre-game was as about as disgraceful a showing since the "greatest college football team in college history" went into the Orange Bowl and broke all kinds of records...the wrong records.

Giving up the most points and the most passing TD's in Orange Bowl history while STILL having a significant advantage in time of possesion became the hallmark of the Bob Stoops reign.

OKAY BOB. You got a bad call last season. That was Oregon. Obviously YOU are not over it. But what he is really not over is the USC BBQ.

IMHO Bob Stoops is either sick or Or both. It smells. Try that crap where you aren't favored by 50 points. YOU ARE a disgrace. And I hope the rematch against USC (God willing) in the BCS goes to an SEC team. We beat your ass SILLY WITH Adrian Peterson.

Bully the cupcakes. Looks like a man with small equipment.
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