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Default Re: Ohio State -vs- USC

I'm here to take my lumps, but I will ay this: I am embarrassed and disgusted not so much by the loss, but by the way they just accepted it. Even after the game, Tress had a sort of "So what, we lost, but our guys played hard" thing that's total complacency. Tress is not God. He's not above being fired. He can't continue to lose these big games and just be ho-hum about it. Even little animal was just casual about it...he said "We have Troy up next". Dude, you just got your asses SMOKED in front of the whole world, and all you can say is we have Troy next week?

This team is as talented as any in the Country, but they looked like a D1-AA team out there Saturday. The offense CONTINUED to be vanilla, and the D played with no fire or passion. Maualuga even said after the game that everything the Trojans saw was on film, meaning the Bucks introduced no new wrinkles. It was almost as if they just conceded the game. Disgusting. And having Wells might have made some difference (I'm thinking they score maybe 17, and keep the Trojans off the field and hold them to 28, but they still would lose), but it's no excuse at all.

Now, for USC, no doubt they are the team to beat. They were impressive in all facets of the game. The one thing they need to watch out for is the dreaded "choke game". In my estimation, there is no team on paper who can or will beat them this year other than themselves.
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