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Default Re: NHL 09

any1 else picked it up yet?

gotta say it is probably gonna sweep all sport game of the year awards, and jus may make a run at game of the year.

Be A Pro mode is an unbelievable addition to a hockey game, something ive been waiting for since madden came out with the superstar mode. im a defenseman for the Capitals (im really impatient and it would of taken me forever to make it to the NHL with the Pens with them having 8 D-man on their NHL roster so i went with a team i didnt mind and that was weak at the point)

the EA Sports Hockey is what i spend most of my time online doing. you put a team together with a bunch of your friends online and then you play other teams online, with your Be A Pro player, and compete for the EASHL cup (dont know what the prize is gonna be but every rumor ive heard it sounds great). My team is ranked 7th in division 1 (the top division), so basically we are the 7th best team in the world
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