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Default Re: How to tailgate at Steelers vs Chargers and Bengals

Well, I'll be tailgating at both those games...

I don't know if there are any public "show up with money and get in" tailgates, and certainly none with cheerleaders considering the Steelers don't have cheerleaders.

You are more than welcome to stop by my tailgate however. Chip in a little for food & beer & everything is cool. There are literally thousands of tailgates at the game however... you could come by mine, then sheesh.. if you aren't shy... walk around, tell folks you flew in from the UK for the game... plenty of folks will be more than happy to have a beer with you.

shoot me a PM if you are interested in coming to my tailgate, just a disclaimer, it is a decent walk from where I tailgate to the stadium... but a fun "get to see all the other tailgates along the way" walk.

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