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Default Re: Is it time to fire Bruce Arians?

Originally Posted by steelpride12 View Post
HA so its Arians fault Ben didn't have one sec. to dump the ball. The O Coordinator calls plays and our offense didn't have many of those because of the line.
Arians surely made excellent calls on many occasions, but you can see the great call because Ben was on the ground.

Ben looked good Week 1 and 2 with the play calls...why? Because he had time to throw and Willie had spaces to run in. He didn't today and that Arians fault. NO!

Wanna talk about a real problem...the OL and the OL COACH!
I know that Arians is not on the field playing every down(Duh!) but man, football is all about match- ups and adjustments. Its a chess match. If the plays you're calling as a coordinator are getting exploited, you do something to different! Staying in the same sets and continuing to run the same plays, is just dumb! The eagles defense is solid, but we made them look all world today.
By blasting Arians I'm in no ways excusing the poor play of our Line...they suck, but Arians and Coach Z has to do a better job of making some in game adjustments so they dont get exploited!
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