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Default Hartwig to Blame For the Most Sacks

So much for Hartwig being the answer.... and Mahan being the problem.

from a link in another thread, I found this little beauty...
Player .... Sacks
Justin Hartwig 3
Willie Colon 2
Marvel Smith 1.5
Chris Kemoeatu 1
Heath Miller 1
Mewelde Moore .5

Now... Let's talk about this a second.

1. Who was responsible for the MOST sacks? Hmmmmmmmmmmm? That's right. HARTWIG.

2. Who's name is NOT up there that is almost ALWAYS spoken of with disdain? That's right, SIMMONS.

So much for all these website know-it-alls who think Simmons and Mahan were our problems last year, and cried cried cried when we let Faneca go.

Oh yeah, let's look at Faneca's replacement. How many sacks was that? 1? Only his third game starting?

What I learned from this little tidbit.

1. Faneca-- We DONT need you, your replacement is fine.

2. Hartwig sucked this game worse than Mahan EVERY DID in a game.

3. People need to cool off about Simmons.

4. Colon needs to figure out what is wrong.

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