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Default Re: Hartwig to Blame For the Most Sacks

Originally Posted by MasterOfPuppets View Post
preach they add up to 13.5 there such a thing as having been sacked half a time? who's responcable for the other half? is none of the sacks bens fault??? the math just doesn't add up.....

Um.. MOP,

They add up to 8 sacks.

and the .5 sack is when responsibility is spread between two people.

I would imagine the other sack would be Ben's fault.

Which means that Ben ISN"T responsible for them all, like some people here want to pin it on.

I am MORE THAN WILLING to take 1 sack a week for Ben to extend plays. Heck, I am will to take 2 sacks a week for Ben to extend plays. I have no problem with that.

EDIT: I see what you did... you missed the ( . ) before the 5 for Moore. That is half a sack, not 5 sacks.
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