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Default Re: Hartwig to Blame For the Most Sacks

Originally Posted by Preacher View Post

Um.. MOP,

They add up to 8 sacks.

and the .5 sack is when responsibility is spread between two people.

I would imagine the other sack would be Ben's fault.

Which means that Ben ISN"T responsible for them all, like some people here want to pin it on.

I am MORE THAN WILLING to take 1 sack a week for Ben to extend plays. Heck, I am will to take 2 sacks a week for Ben to extend plays. I have no problem with that. bad...i didnt see the point in front of moore and counted it as 5......i thought it was the season tally.....
anywho.....these numbers conflict with the anaylisis of the the guy on the thread that suit started, which would suggest that these are simply opinions and not facts. nobody knows the actual blocking assignments, and who blew what, except the steelers and coach's themselves.
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