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Default Re: Am I The Only One?

Originally Posted by Elvis View Post
I was just wondering if anyone had any feelings about our Head Coach and his assistants thus far in the Tomlin era?
The guy has a no.2 draft pick that alot liked during the preseason that is not even dressing for games... whats up with that? Does that mean we will have him and Davis (LB) not dressing? 2 out of our draft choices from this year are not even dressing... The steelers didnt make any adjusments to help our linemen out and keep them off Ben in the 2nd half... Is that Not what halftime is for? The Eagles killed us continuously the whole game.. and it just seems like we never did anything to correct it and get Ben some help.. I blame the coaches for this!!!

I am just really irritated with Tomlin and Co. right now. I just wonder what Mr. Rooney is thinking in the back of his mind of him as well..
And last year everyone here was destroying Tomlin & crew for the Timmons selection. As far as the draft goes, you can't critisize anyone for a selection THREE WEEKS into their actual NFL career.

Adjustments? What more could they have adjusted on? The backs and tights started staying into block on most downs once the pressure was getting to Ben. It didn't help much, but what else could the coaching staff have done? You can't have the wide outs block too... The only potential move that could have happened was Starks being put in at RT in place of Colon, but the entire line played poorly so that wouldn't have sparked much.

At some point, you just have to play the game. The team had a bad week and that's all there is to it. Blame who you will, the coaches or men on the field. But when it comes down to it, The Steelers lost - not any individual or group of the team.
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