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Default Re: Am I The Only One?

Originally Posted by GBMelBlount View Post
I wasn't upset with our first two picks this year, based on the circumstances, and I had hoped they would start to address the line IMMEDIATELY following that.....However, what I am probably more upset that it was almost completely ignored last year, and other years to some degree as well. I certainly hope and pray the line comes together this year and things work out, but let's be honest, if the line falls apart this year, it should be surprising to noone. There have been line questions for a long time and little has been done to properly address it imho.

That being said, we have to work with what we have, so I am certainly hoping some adjustments are made based on what has been learned, and that this is simply a hiccup.

And of course we can start speculating about the linemen in next years draft. Right LLT?
It just bums me out of the picks this season. Ya Mendy was a good pick and i think sweed was to, but a QB, another LB? Plus i feel like Tony Hills prob. will get cut next season and we will start out by getting another stupid position like Safety, another QB maybe and it frustrates me.
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