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Originally Posted by NV STEELERS 723 View Post
If Starks is a better pass blocker then I woulde take that , because we can always run the opposite side of him. With Starks in there maybe Ben won't get treated like a rag doll, and will have some time to pass..we have to start limiting the sacks on Ben or he won't finish this season, much less a long career w/ us.
Problem is that Starks might not be a better pass blocker. He has longer arms to keep guys away initially, but with his slow feet, they ususally run around him.

I seem to remember both Starks and Colon having problems with speed rushers like Terrel Suggs. If somehow Starks could play with the quickness and intensity of Colon.....he would be an all pro. Instead, it looks like they are both just mediocre RT's.

Will probably see Tony Hills competing for RT spot next season. He has the athleticism and size, but just not strong enough physically and technically yet.
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