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Default Re: Big Ben Overrated?

Originally Posted by Beauchamp View Post
Interesting that you say a Superbowl win and you put on Big Ben's stat sheet.

22.6 rating.

You sure you wanna credit Big Ben?

I get why you guys don't think he's overrated, It's lucky we had a Cowher and a good team for the majority of his career.

I don't expect you to remember that, go bias yourself somewhere else.
You'd rather have Ben have a career day stat-wise and lose the game? I see how it works.

How many players are on the field again? Last I heard there were 11, plus the 11 that play defense.

By the same logic, Rex Grossman had a pretty good surrounding cast too. Guess what? He sucked. He lost the Super Bowl.

Is Ben overrated? No. Why? Because of the intangibles he brings to the table, Because of his warrior-additude playing the game. Because he makes plays as a quarterback. Because he's taken more hits than any man deserves, and stayed upright.

Take your BS elsewhere.
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