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Default Re: Big Ben Overrated?

Originally Posted by Beauchamp View Post
I love how people call me unintelligent and then end there paragraph by calling me an assclown.

You act as if I treat you guys with any credibility with the hypocracy you bring to the table. I'm as much as a Steeler fan as you guys are but I am also open to critcism, that's one dimension you guys lack. Your bias opinions of saying the Steelers are stout for a superbowl every season should strip you of your opinion.

Anyway, back onto the matter of my "unintelligent" discussion: The 3 games you guys gave me as an example does not prove that Big Ben should be the 2nd highest paid quarterback in the game. In fact: THE PROOF you guys have broughten me in everyone of your threads has not YET justified in Big Ben being the 2nd highest paid quarter back.

So: The ratio of games Big Ben won himself with the money he earns is a bit MUCH.

The formula I listed directly above would equal to something such as: Probably overrated.

Note this: Not once have I said Big Ben sucked, Not once have I said Big Ben can't win, Not once have I said I hated the Steelers.

Alls I said: Big Ben is overrated and you guys are having your period.

I'm unintelligent. I'll take your word for it.

Keep em comin.
I will show restraint and hold the insults in, at least until I finish 1 or 2 Mojitos. Since when does a QB need to win a game by himself, they are the leader of the team, key word being team. They play a role, some need to throw 40 times like Griese, some need to avg abou 24 like Ben. It depends on the situation. I could name off games Ben had huge contributions to all day long. Easiest stat is his 3 perfect QB rating games. Tied with Peyton for the record. I would say those 3 games alone being perfect means he won it for his team. Not that I would even need to justify his greatness by that. It seems you are seeking it though. What about Ravens last year, Pats when he ended their streak 3 years ago. Cincy, Indy, Denver in SB win year. Do you think 13-0 as rookie was a fluke? He has had a handful of bad games, Jets in playoffs, Pats in playoffs, first half of Jags last year, but last week was not one of them. Did you watch the game. Pressure every time he touched the ball. His one intercepion wasn't even that bad. He had to try something. A bomb in double coverage in which Washington didn't want it as much as defender. I think a SB win at 23 years old would constitue making him 2nd highest. Semantics anyway, in the next 2 years he will be passed by many QB's and seem like a steal at 7th or 8th highest paid. Ben is 3rd best in league since he came in league consistently IMO. Yes McNabb and Romo show signs of brilliance on occasion and have a big stat game. Always in regular season though. Ben is the whole package, he has reduced his mistakes and is consistent. Just because he doesn't put up Manning like numbers doesn't disqualify him for being a great QB. Who do you think is better is the question. Last year it was Anderson and Gerrard, who is the flash in the pan this year? phillip rivers. lol.
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